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»  Cueva de la Pileta cave

Cueva de la Pileta cave

Cueva de la Pileta cave - Painting pregnant mare 

The Cueva de la Pileta cave, sanctuary of Prehistory.

The Cueva de la Pileta cave is located in the municipality of Benaojan. It is a prehistoric site with rock art from the Paleolithic and Neolithic remains, discovered in 1905 by Jose Lobato Bullón and explored and studied by Verner, Breuil and Obermaier. The cave includes numerous paintings and engravings francocantabrico style with representations of deer, horses, fish, goats, bulls, a seal, a bison, indeterminate figures and abstract signs. This is an important group that provides interesting data on the Paleolithic art expansion outside its traditional areas of development (N Spain and southwest France). Also were found black figures also schematic and remnants Neolithic Neolithic (ceramic painted and incised). One of the main attractions of the Serrania de Ronda.

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